Need multiple accounts with different types of access? Do you want one invoice but separate accounts? Creative templates, campaigns and content can be prepared by different teams. Alternatively, you can share the template with others. Don't let agencies look at your clients' data, create a separate account for their creatives only. Get as many users as you want and for free!

What the Multi-account can do?

Almost everything, what you need for cooperation and teamwork.
One joint invoicing for the entire holding
It is not necessary to have divided invoices according to divisions, but now they will fall under the entire holding.
Contact Deduplication
One common shipping limit - if two users have the same contact, only one will be billed. That means cheaper service.
Separate data for individual divisions or brands
Each area will have its own contacts, templates and campaigns.
Master Admin access
With this access the user can freely register under individual divisions.
Agency access
With this access the user or agency logs on. One can upload documents and share templates, but can't see in the recipients' data and in specific campaigns.
Invoices to be sent to up to 3 email addresses
You will no longer have to forward invoices, they will be sent at up to 3 selected e-mail addresses automatically.
Own API Key
Each user has their own account and their own security password - Multi API.
Shared Templates
Create a creative template and share it with others on the team.

Do you want to use a Multi-account?