Create successful email

Choice of Free Templates
Start without a long preparation - choose from free prepared templates
Drag&Drop Easy Editor
Choose a layout and create a newsletter online using a simple editor within few minutes
Direct Modification of HTML Code
Editor is not enough for you? No problem, edit the HTML template code directly
Plain Text Version
Automatically generate a plain text version of HTML, improve your spam-score, and be sure that even recipients with prehistoric Nokia would be able to read it
Templates Import
Do you have your own template? Import it - we support both HTML and ZIP archives
Transactional campaigns
Transactional emails are a specific area of email marketing. It differs from traditional mailing mainly because it must be delivered to the recipient, regardless of whether the recipient has given us consent to the sending of commercial messages.

Personalization and Generated Content

Address by name
Reach recipients in the correct name form - the system will prepare it for you - you just have to insert a placeholder
Store Credit and Bonus Programs
Send credit reports or personalized bonus programs by simply inserting wildcards
Poll in Email
Insert the buttons in the email and simply create a poll - users can vote by clicking - you will see the results in the statistics
Wish for a Name Day or Jubilee
Use our integrated holiday calendar and prepare special holiday newsletters
Feminine and Masculine colours
Tune up the campaign for men and women exactly as needed. You can simply change pictures and whole blocks ...

Mass distribution

Automatic Deduplication
Choose any combination of contact groups - any duplicates the system will identify and remove.
Add up to 10MB attachments and choose their order
Online Version
The system can automatically create an online version of the newsletter. You can recreate it by yourself.
Send it out immediately, or reach for advice
Simply set the time for the seed to be realized. Or, increase your open rate with Smart Sharing and Preferred Delivery Times ...
You can receive notifications about your campaign even during your holiday
Free Testing Emails and Online Email Previews
Before forwarding your campaign send testing emails to yourself for free, or preview all emails from the campaign online
Links Control
Automatically scroll through all the links in your campaign to make sure they are alive
Spam Score Calculation
Check up the spam score before one-click forward
Fully automatic campaigns (birthday/name day wishes, shopping acknowledgements, shopping evaluation...). Let the system work for you
Sending SMS
Beside standard e-mail campaigns you can now create and send also SMS.

Work Contacts

Synoptical Addresser
All contacts in one place and organized - furthermore with mass events support and obviously the option of import and export to csv
Division into Groups
Section, categorize, divide. Do not worry about duplicates - the system will sort them out for you. Unlimited number of contact groups
Bulk Import
Import contacts from CSV, by XML fibre, or connect directly to our system
Automatic Gender Detection
Do you have a list of names and do not want to fill every gender specifically - no problem, just upload them - we will know who is who...
Automatic Inflection (CZ)
Correct inflection of first names and surnames? A matter of fact... maybe not with our competition, but with us yes
Arbitrary Export
Do you need to export filtered data, view, or even the entire database? OK, choose your export setting and download the data with one click
User Attributes
Do you file your contacts with phone numbers, birthdays, account statements, the seller's name, or even the name of your pet? You can set whichever attributes you like, we do not limit the quantity.
Advanced Filtration and Sectioning
Do you need to send a newsletter to all Annas from Pardubice that own a dog named Alik? That is no problem with our advanced sectioning...
Automatic Updates through the API
Do you have an eShop, CRM or just a basic web? Upload your contacts to our system automatically through the secure API and worry about nothing
Web Forms Connection
Do you need a registration form for your web? Generate it with two clicks
Organized Identification of Valid Addresses
Is the email address cancelled or does it have a permanent error - in our system that is visible at the first sight and as a bonus we will not count such contact into your lump sum
Two Levels of Sign Off
Do you need to sign the recipients off of just specific groups, or completely? Make that setting easily with every campaign
Follow-up Lists
Generate a list for hot-lead calling or re-campaign with one click a save time

Detail and Managerial Statistics

Managerial Overview on One Page
Report for your boss on one A4 sheet? It takes just one click and you can print the main numbers of your campaign
Google Analytics
Monitor the campaign's entering gate and the recipients' movement in our system with the help from Google Analytics
Web tracking and purchase behaviour
You can segment your contacts based on the website they visit or the products they order to get much better campaign results.
Sign Off Reasons
Set up a questionnaire for the sign offs and keep even the clients that are seemingly not interested. For free you will learn what needs improvement
Open Rate / Click Rate and Detailed Statistics
Open rate, CTR, but also data about devices, top links, specific recipients' behaviour - that and much more can be observed from our detailed statistics
Specific Links and Products Statistics
Monitor who clicked on which link in the email. You will learn which product is of the greatest interest.
Recipient Statistics
Do you know what did you send to who? Are you interested in the behaviour of one specific receiver in time? Did he go through his emails on his PC last year but on an iPad today? Why not to offer him a printer with AirPrint, or a tablet cover ;-)
Device and Browser Statistics, Geolocation Included
Take a look who uses what device. Did you recipient read your email in the evening on their Android phone in Central Bohemia and the next morning in Outlooku in Prague? We can work with that…
Monitoring of Non-delivery Reasons
Was the email not delivered? That can happen, but it is important to know why! We process feedback from our servers and recognize more than 900 possible error statuses - with us you know why!
One Click Re-campaign
Do you need to address only the clients that opened the previous email? Or just those who clicked on the link? With us you can create those groups with one click based on campaign statistics.

Teamwork Support

Are there more of you? Do you want just one invoice but multiple accounts? Add as many users as you need for free!
Shared Template
Create a template and let another team create the campaign or share it with everyone
Separate Client Data
Do not let other agencies look into you clients' data. Set up a separate account just for them and their creativity

Provision of Legislative Accordance

Sign Off Link
Did you forget to add the sign off link - do not worry, we added it into the email for you! We ensure that your emails are in accordance with the current valid legislation
Why did I get this
Do you want to prevent sign offs? Write one sentence on the origin of the consent and an automated site for the recipient with the required explanation will be generated
A deletion right? Data transfer? We have a one click answer to every question

What does a standard competition not have?!

A Solution for Dynamics 365
Use our plugin and forward easily directly from CRM. The feedback will be visible with every contact. We are fully compatible with online and on-premise solutions. In contrast with our foreign competition our solution does not require infrastructure changes nor will you be charged any reasonless fee for users that do not use the system anyway. Everything with Czech support
Solutions for eWay-CRM
Do you use eWay-CRM? Try it, it is great! Furthermore, you can use it to send campaigns straight away and you can take an advantage of a similarly intuitive guide as on our web
Salesforce add-on
Are you not happy with mailing into Salesforce due to the limits? Try our add-on Sprinx email campaigns
API Synchronization for ERP Systems and e-shops
Do you want to control your campaigns through the API? Or to connect us to your eShop? It will be our pleasure - we are ready for it
Evaluation (rating) of Recipients
We are automatically and constantly evaluating you contacts based on their activity and hence we can give you a hint which recipient groups have the highest potential
Heatmaps (The most frequent clicking spots?)
Do you evaluate the success of your campaign based on board data? Not anymore! Heatmaps will show you exactly which links in your campaigns are the most successful ones.
Smart SMTP - Solution for Transaction Emails
Are you still sending invoices by mail? Send unique emails through the Smart SMTP and be able to monitor delivery and reading. Save up to 90% of your expenditures!
Bespoke Templates
Do you need an original, approved and valid template that fulfils your Corporate Identity requirements? Get in touch and we will arrange it for you
A/B Split Testing
Are you not sure whether your recipients will rather appreciate salutation "Hello" or "Hi"? Or do you need to evaluate more parameters? Use A/B split test and the system will get the results for you
Smart Forwarding
Are you not sure, when is the best time to forward your campaign? Leave it to us. We will ensure maximal effect of your campaign
SPAM Score Testing
Are you not sure whether your system fulfils the requirements of easy passage through SPAM filters? Test it for free prior to forward through an integrated validator
Plugin for PrestaShop
Do you use PrestaShop and do you need to reliably solve transaction mails, automated answers, acknowledgements, registrations etc? Use our plugin and in 3 minutes both systems will be connected and fully functional...
Integration with WordPress
Do you use WordPress and do you need to reliably solve transaction mails, automated answers, acknowledgements, registrations etc? Use our plugin and in 3 minutes both systems will be connected and fully functional...
Emoticon Support
One picture can often say more than thousand words and the same works with graphic emoticons and symbols, due to which you will easily attract the recipients' interest. Learn how to use them in your campaigns.
Social Bar
Did you create your mailing and hence you think you are done? In the age of social media, this is not the case! In every version of your newsletter an automated Social Bar with the option of sharing on Facebook and other social media is provided. The tool box also enables an automated translation through the Google translate...
XML Feed and Zboží.cz
Do you use mailing as a direct selling tool? Or do you have an eShop and send a product offer directly in the email body? Let the system work for you and automatically fill the template with you XML feed content for Zboží.cz or ... or connect it to your own XML feed according to your specification...
Integration with SmartsUpp
Do you use SmartsUpp platform and would like to synchronize communication with your clients and account? Contacts from all finished online chats, missed conversations, and offline messages will be sent in real time directly to your account at
Shoptet add-on
Do you manage e-shop through and you would like to send your customers an e-mail campaigns with your e-shop products? The email marketing add-on for the Shoptet platform ensures easy data synchronization between your e-shop and your account.
QR payments
Payment using a QR code, a recent trend, now also in your campaign. Thanks to this new function, you can make payment more pleasant for your clients and save time by entering complex payment information. It only takes a few clicks and your invoices are paid.
Add an animated countdown to your event newsletters to help increase click-through rates and better highlight upcoming events or deadlines. When creating a newsletter, select the block called 'Countdown' from the menu and drag it into the campaign content.

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